Webinar: Nanotechnology & Food: Opportunities, Disadvantages, & Regulatory Hurdles

January 6, 2021 - 1 minute read


Nanotechnology & Food:
Opportunities, Disadvantages,
& Regulatory Hurdles Webinar

January 28, 2021, 3PM EST


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Nanotechnology encompasses science, engineering, and technology involving at least one dimension at the nanoscale (approximately one thousand times smaller than a bacterium). Materials at the nanoscale exhibit unique physical, chemical, mechanical, and optical properties that their bulk counterparts do not. As such, there are many opportunities in food science presented by this advancing interdisciplinary field. However, practical industrial applications of many of these advancements are often stifled by the need for regulatory compliance.


Ryan M. Parente, M.S.
Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Writer, Burdock Group 
Mr. Parente received a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences and a Master of Science in Nanotechnology at the University of Central Florida. He has researched Huanglongbing disease and antibiotic translocation in a photochemistry and imaging laboratory at the University of Central Florida’s NanoScience Technology Center. He has experience in biomedicine, botany, analytical chemistry, and experimental design.

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