Burdock Group knows that a safe and compliant dietary supplement is crucial to your brand reputation, and that is why we commit to researching the relevant science behind your product before initiating the regulatory process for any functional ingredient.

The market for dietary supplements, functional foods, and nutraceuticals is growing rapidly, but without the proper regulatory expertise to ensure your dietary supplement meets safety and compliance standards, your brand and your company’s reputation could be at stake.

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Our experience in dietary supplement safety and regulatory assessments, claim substantiation, and DSHEA compliance are unmatched in the industry. Our experts can help prevent you from making meritless and frivolous claims that may seem sensible and justified, but which are problematic in the eyes of FDA and FTC. We can help you base your claims in substantive, proven science services that can and prevent loss of customer confidence, legal fees, and a tarnished brand reputation.

icon_generalGeneral Consulting Services

icon_expertExpert Witnessing

icon_governmentGovernment Agency Representation

icon_technicalRegulatory, Safety, Risk, and Feasibility Assessments

icon_stabilityStability Data

icon_litigationLitigation and Defense Research

icon_labelLabel Reviews

icon_studyStudy Protocol Development and Study Monitoring

icon_claimClaims Substantiation

icon_specSpecification Development

icon_technicalTechnical and Scientific Writing

icon_grasNew Dietary Ingredient Notifications (NDIN)

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