What data will FDA consider as evidence that a substance is a pre-DSHEA dietary ingredient?

On Oct.3, 2017, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a public meeting to discuss…

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Consultancy Experience Key to Southeastern Reduction Company’s FDA GRAS for Pecan Shell Fiber as Food Ingredient in Amounts up to 10%

When Southeastern Reduction Company (SRC) contracted with Burdock Group to submit a GRAS dossier to…

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Burdock Group’s Work With BioTech Startup Captozyme Results in Successful GRAS Determination of Oxalate-Reducing Enzyme As Food Ingredient

After working with the Burdock Group to recently obtain a successful self-contained GRAS (Generally Recognized…

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Why Is 2017 a Better Year for Dietary Supplements Than 1997?

Looking at industry, 2017 is a better year than 1997 for dietary supplements, as industry…

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Don’t Build Me a Cadillac: All I Want Is a Ford

The title is synonymous with the expression, “Why should I pay you tens of thousands…

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“Clean” Labels Must Also Mean Safe Foods

There has recently been an increased interest in cooking, as evidenced by the increase in…

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