“You are what you eat” to “You eat what you are”

Nutrigenomics?   With the publication of the human genome, we are entering the era of…

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The Secrets of Taste

Taste is the least understood of the human senses. First, the complex biology controlling taste…

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The Regulatory Wrinkle

All substances affirmed as GRAS by FDA in 21 CFR §184 are not equal. FDA…

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Health Potentials of Biotech Milk Formula and Safety Laws

It is well known that breast milk is best for infants. Aiming to make milk…

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Artificial Butter Flavoring: Risk to Food Workers

Popcorn butter may pose risk: In a federal investigation (NIOSH) at a microwave-popcorn plant, the…

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A slice of pizza (with tomato sauce) cuts prostate cancer risk

Lycopene’s effect against conditions that induce cancer:   A new study, appearing in December’s Journal…

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