Try Fortified PDAs this Holiday Season

If you have handheld personal digital assistants (PDAs) and a mind for healthy eating you…

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Should You Eat More Cranberries During the Holiday Season?

George H.W. Bush, former president and known for his hatred of broccoli might be pleased…

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Labeling Weight Loss Dietary Supplements

In order to curtail deceptive advertising, the American Herbal Product Association (AHPA) has proposed a…

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Coffee Reduces Risk of Diabetes

A recent article in The Lancet shows an inverse association between coffee consumption and risk…

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Claims for Dietary Supplements and Functional Food Ingredients

Health study findings abound! One cannot avoid them. Just turn on the evening news or…

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Unbottling Floral Scent and Genomics

A rose is a rose, but the nose knows! For centuries, several floral scents have…

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