Medical Foods Governance A Slippery Proposition

A precise characterization of the regulatory category “medical foods” remains elusive to many because it…

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Cosmetics Gone Wild

In 2017, the global cosmetics industry was valued at $532.43 billion, and is projected to…

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Perishable Food Delivered through Mail Carrier: Concerns of Spoilage

Convenience, avoiding long lines at the grocery store, or giving your loved ones’ an edible…

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Low-Calorie Sweeteners: Are They High-Blood Sugar/Obesity Panacea As First Thought?

With the holidays-related consumption of rich, sweet and ever-so-plentiful cookies, cakes and other sweets quickly…

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Safety Around Holiday Plants

The holiday season is in full swing and with it comes the festive decorating and…

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Applications Open for Burdock Group’s SOT 2019 Student Travel Award

Burdock Group is now accepting SOT 2019 Student Travel Award applications from qualified full-time graduate…

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