Reading the Cannabis Leaves: Predicting the Future of CBD in Food and Dietary Supplements

On May 31st, 2019 a panel of ten FDA officials, including the acting Commissioner, Dr….

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Supplying Non-traditional Fruit Ingredients for Food and Beverages

The race is on among ingredient suppliers to find new flavors and taste sensations to…

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The Nutritional Challenges of Cell-Cultured Meat for Pet Food

Introduction Growing meat in a lab for pet food from animal stem cells has many…

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Medical Foods Governance A Slippery Proposition

A precise characterization of the regulatory category “medical foods” remains elusive to many because it…

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Cosmetics Gone Wild

In 2017, the global cosmetics industry was valued at $532.43 billion, and is projected to…

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Perishable Food Delivered through Mail Carrier: Concerns of Spoilage

Convenience, avoiding long lines at the grocery store, or giving your loved ones’ an edible…

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