Congratulations to Suresh Nagumalli, Winner of Burdock Group’s SOT Student Travel Award

Burdock Group continues to encourage undergraduates to pursue a career in food ingredient safety and…

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In Memoriam: John Doull, M.D., Ph.D.

I have just learned of the passing of John Doull on March 24, 2017.  I…

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Petfood Forum 2017: Speaking Engagement Teaser on ‘The FDA GRAS Final Rule: Impacts on Getting Safe Ingredients into Pet Food’

To be compliant with federal law, an ingredient added to food (including pet food) must…

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With China’s Moves on Regulating Health Foods, What is New in the Recently Released Rules on Registration and Filing of Health Foods?

Substances regulated as dietary supplements in the U.S. are referred to and regulated as “Health…

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Things to Consider Before Launching a Feed Ingredient in Aquaculture

During the last three decades, world aquaculture production increased more than tenfold, reaching 73.8 million…

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Genetic Modification: Next Advancement in Animal Breeding Techniques?

The following is a brief summary of an article on the consumer acceptance of genetically…

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