“The Dose Makes the Poison” – The Right and Wrong Way to Calculate an Estimated Daily Intake

Introduction The first lesson in toxicology is that “the dose makes the poison”; meaning that…

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Before we GRAS, Let’s Sharpen Our Axe

By George A. Burdock, Ph.D. and Mr. Johnel Lagabon Occasionally, a GRAS needs to be…

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Opening the Dietary Supplement Floodgates

Historically, approximately 70% of dietary supplement notifications to FDA were rejected. This high rejection rate…

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Regulatory Framework of Terpenes for Dietary Supplements

Introduction  A diverse class of biomolecules that will be hard to miss this Halloween due…

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GRAS: Meeting the Burden of Persuasion

By: Johnel Lagabon and George A. Burdock, Ph.D. In the process of compiling a GRAS…

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GRAS Questions: Why Should I Invest in a GRAS when Everyone is Already Selling My Ingredient?

“Why should I invest in a GRAS when everyone is already selling my ingredient?” Well,…

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