Burdock Group Welcomes New Team Members

December 5, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Burdock Group welcomed Julie Ann Brickel, MPH, who came all the way from Michigan to join our office in September 2017, as a Toxicologist. We are also proud to introduce Jennifer Conaway, Research Associate, and Johnel Lagabon, Business Development Associate, who began in October 2017.

Julie A. Brickel, MPH, Toxicologist, Burdock Group
Julie Ann Brickel, MPH, experienced in quantitative health risk assessments of chemicals to assess the quality and safety of drinking water and dietary supplements. She also has expertise in food and dietary supplement regulations and safety evaluations. Julie holds a bachelor’s in Environmental Science and a master’s in Public Health in Environmental Health Sciences-Toxicology from the University of Michigan, and is currently an associate member of the Society of Toxicology (SOT).

Jennifer Conaway, MS, Research Associate, Burdock Group
Jennifer Conaway, MS, has a broad research background in the areas of Parasitology, Bacteriology and Virology. Jennifer has held positions in both the Epidemiology and Environmental Health Departments at The Florida Department of Health and is experienced in food inspections and safety, environmental health hazard remediation as well as disease surveillance and control. She has spent a considerable amount of time in management and quality assurance roles. Jennifer has a bachelor’s in Biology and a master’s in Epidemiology from the University of Albany, State University of New York.

Johnel G. Lagabon, Business Development Associate, Burdock Group
Johnel Glenn Lagabon is currently the owner of lead qualification and outside sales at Burdock Group. Johnel is experienced with multiple facets of Business Development and Scientific Research having interned with CMBell — A Creative Agency — as a Business Development Intern; interned with Adventist Health System – the 4th largest Non-profit Healthcare System in the United States — as a Leadership Development Strategy Intern; and was a Marine and Molecular Biology Research Associate at Walla Walla University. As a founding member of the WWU Molecular Biology Journal Club, Johnel studied and participated in scientific discussions with fellow club members and professors. During his time in the club, Johnel studied and discussed over 50 published Cancer Biology papers. Johnel graduated with honors from Walla Walla University with a bachelor’s in Biology and minors in Business, Chemistry and Music.

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